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What is CREST?

The goal of the CREST program is to help policymakers, planners and coastal resource managers use the latest science and best technologies to ensure sustainable and productive coastal habitats and communities.

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The Nation is currently investing millions of dollars in restoring productive coastal habitat. The need becomes greater as more coastal fishery stocks decline below critical levels, both erosion and sea-level rise remove the natural buffers that protect our communities from storms and flooding, and the population living on or near the coast escalates daily. Our infrastructure and our livelihoods are at risk. The restoration response therefore must be implemented swiftly and successfully.

Image courtesy of Valerie Cruz

CREST's Role:

Successful restoration of any natural ecosystem requires sound understanding of the problems and how they developed, as well as clearly identified targets for what we expect from the system after restoration. CREST strives to integrate advances in science and technology into restoration programs to ensure that coastal habitat restoration is cost-effectively implemented and successfully sustains coastal resources.

Proposal and Project Information
2009-2010 Funded Proposals

Featured Report:

Visser, J. et al.:
"Evaluation of the effects of CWPPRA hydrologic restoration projects on hydrology and marsh condition "

CREST: Restoring critically important habitat